My name is M. Scott Ault.. 

I grew up as a creative individual and while I didn’t know my grandfather, his influence on my life was profound. As a geologist (link loads PDF; Pg1, para4 references “Lud Weeks)researching Canada’s North~ with Group of 7 member Maurice Haycock~ his 2D explorations of the world around him were inspiring. My grandmother was as much of an inspiration in that, at a time when women stayed home.. she swapped her nurses uniform for jodhpurs and joined him in the field! She was my only source of support in the arts and while my home life made me feel like an outcast.. a criminal, visiting her provided me with an escape and acceptance.

I have spent my many years meandering and exploring.. searching for answeres to Who Am I and WHY am I. Some of these answeres arrived recently and I am~ now~ progressing towards a large collection of 3D mixed media works centred on the concept of “Authority and Abuse” combined with Individuality. I call the series “re:THINK” and am deeply excited to share the upoming works.

As a photographer, I don’t shoot normally..

I have, also, been involved in print publishing for many years.
My earliest memory contains motivational inspiration pushing me towards print publishing and as such I spent years working my University Newspaper and then, when University proved too boring.. I launched my own newspaper that blanketted the Thompson- Okanagan region and brought many many artists works to public attention. The Teeny Tiny Art Collective and our Tiny Galleries are a definite development, tho many years later, of that original and enthusiastic person’s will, determination, and ambition to HELP other artists out.