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Monthly Support

Monthly support helps Us to purchase the exhibited artwork.

Why do we purchase the exhibits?
We can only secure the galleries with a certain level of surety.. that means that we do anticipate a certain amount of vandalism and outright theft. If the artwork is not owned by The Collective, it would be The Artist who would be at a loss. This way- the artist is paid outright for the exhibition and the artwork becomes the property of The Collective. We’ll be scheduling a big Art Show & Sale in April of 2025 where all the exhibited artists will be present and showing a wider scope of their work AND the exhibited artworks will be available for silent auction.

About the Newsletter
It’s an 8.5 x 14″ (legal sheet) Full Colour tri- folded newsletter. It will be distributed throughout Bowness. But, as our goal is to bring in to bowness new people to view the artwork (and interact with the community at large) we will be spreading the newsletter throughout Calgary and environs.. to many more than 5000 units. As it is printed  In House (currently), we will reprint as needed so print volume will most likely exceed the aforementioned print volume.

Your Sponsorship Tile
Current measurements are 1.8″ by 1.7″ on the aforementioned 8.5 x 14″ sheet. 

The Newsletter is divided in to four different “zones” that are reflected by the main fold and two sides of the sheet.. Zone “A” is on the Backside, below the fold.. Zone “B” is still on the backside but ABOVE the fold.. Zone “C” is below the fold on the front side and finally.. Zone “D” is above the fold, front side. Check to see the price variants. All ad spaces measure approximately

We are using Membership Software to process Sponsorship Sales so that you get instant access to the website and it’s features for your immediate use and benefit.


  • Only six (6) sponsorship tiles are available here.. but it puts you Front and Center and visible to the entire community and city at large! Show off your support for the arts with your sponsorship tile above the fold, on the front of the page!
    8 spots are available for Sponsorship Tiles on the Front Side, below the fold.. and it's a perfect place to show your support of The Arts
    Your sponsorship tile will appear on the backside of the Newsie, above the fold.. and it'll show the community and city at large your support of The Arts.
    Sponsorship Tile on the backside of the Newsie.. a great place to show your support for The Arts and growth of our community.
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