for the artists

Founders M. Scott Ault and Jamie Lynn Bowen.. one Hallowe’en long ago in a city far far away.

Welcome to the Teeny Tiny Arts Collective.. where we believe that you should be known about! Art is an elixir for life and without artistic creations our world would be devoid… and life would be worthless.

We have been creatively oriented for years.. and while  exhibitions have been awesome, sometimes the road hasn’t been all that easy. So, we are working to create a system that makes it a bit easier.

Instead of working towards a huge show.. we are building Tiny Galleries.. and these galleries will be disperced through commercial areas- that means people will come to buy things from the cafes, merchants, and services located there but the side benefit is.. they get to check out and interact with Your Art.

Right now, the exhibitional cycle is set at 8 weeks.. and our exhibitional year will be coming to a close in April.. so you are more than welcome to apply for any/ all show.. use the single show application form or sign up as a website member for one low annual fee.

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