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Sponsor one Gallery with our Annual Plans

Annual sponsorship secures one gallery for the exhibitional year..
This means that all materials and exhibition fees are 100% covered for the entire exhibitional year. This includes maintenance fees, repair costs (materials and labour) and more. Virtually any incidental is covered with the Annual Exhibitional Plan.

For your Annual Sponsorship.. are given a “plaque” on the side of the gallery you are sponsoring along with a corresponding Sponsorship Tile in every issue of the Newsletter that is published! Show the community and city at large your support for The Arts!

You also get
    • INSTANT website access for Directory Listing & Forum Participation join in the artcentric forum.. manage your Directory Listing and.. more (as new features are requested/ discovered).
    • Newsletter Listing.. each exhibition will be precluded by a print (and digital) delivered Newsletter.. it will go out throughout Bowness but as our goal is to BRING people in to the community we will, personally, take copies and distribute them throughout the city!
    • Poster Placement in the exhibition poster that’ll be distributed around Bowness AND throughout Calgary…
    • TICKETS to the Year End Art Show and Sale.. bring a friend and come check out each and every artist that we exhibited through our schedule.

And More!

About the Newsletter
It’s an 8.5 x 14″ (legal sheet) Full Colour tri- folded newsletter. It will be distributed throughout Bowness. But, as our goal is to bring new people to Bowness.. we will be spreading the newsletter throughout Calgary and environs.. to many more than 5000 units. As it is printed  In House (currently), we will reprint as needed so print volume will most likely exceed the aforementioned print volume.

Your Sponsorship Tile
Current measurements are 1.8″ by 1.7″ that allows for 8 (eight) placements per “area” on the sheet.. 6 (six) on the frontside, topsided area due to “masthead” banner for The Exhibition.

The Newsletter is divided in to four different “zones” that are reflected by the main fold and two sides of the sheet.. Zone “A” is on the Backside, below the fold.. Zone “B” is still on the backside but ABOVE the fold.. Zone “C” is below the fold on the front side and finally.. Zone “D” is above the fold, front side. Check to see the price variants. All ad spaces measure approximately

We are using Membership Software to process Sponsorship Tile Space Sales so that you get instant access to the website and it’s features for your immediate use and benefit.

  • Front Side- "Corner Peel" Sponsorship Tile is the main offering.. only ONE spot is available.. and it is ONLY available for annual exhibitional agreements. Corner Peel print comes with Online Corner Peel (when available.. pending technical configuration). Be FRONT AND CENTRE with our audience!
    Your sponsorship tile will be "above the fold" on the front page.. putting it at above the half way mark. Show the community and Calgary at large that you support the arts.
    Get your Sponsorship Tile on the Front Side, below the fold! Be front and center and visible when ever the newsie is picked up.. where ever it is picked up!
    Your Sponsorship Tile will be on the backside of the newsie, above the fold.. so, top half of the page. Be seen first!
    Your sponsorship tile will be on the backside of the newsie.. and you'll get all the benefits of full site membership.
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